Our wide-ranging, top-tier services satisfy the needs of the most demanding clients thanks to our open and cooperative approach that enables a deep understanding of each of our clients.

Private wealth management

Discretionary asset management

We pride ourselves on closely cooperating with high-net-worth and ultra-high-net-worth individuals and families in order to develop and maintain their wealth and investment management.

We identify clients’ investment needs, assess the overall position of their estate and evaluate their risk appetite. Only after we fully understand their expectations, risks and needs are we ready to proceed with executing the investment policy. Disciplined discretionary portfolio management is the key to success.

We provide discretionary management on a full range of investments – offering unique and tailored private banking solutions in traditional and alternative asset classes.

Our open and client-oriented approach caters to the needs of the most demanding clients who expect nothing less than a prompt and satisfactory service.

Arranging and advising

For clients with total assets of at least EUR 1 million, we provide independent investment advisory services. In this role, we propose investment strategy, provide risk assessment and cater to clients’ specific needs, such as the ability to secure short- to medium-term financing.

Investment approach

Investment philosophy

Our primary objective is capital preservation of clients' assets under adverse market conditions, and stable and continuous growth with low volatility in expansionary periods. Prudent risk management and appropriate selection of securities with a strong emphasis on diversification are key to a successful relationship with the client.

Investment process

It is crucial we acquire a detailed understanding of each client’s requirements, needs and expectations. We must also fully comprehend each client’s main concerns and risk appetite before any investment process. We gain this understanding through detailed questionnaires, a completed Investment Policy Statement and frequent meetings with our clients.

When a client’s profile is understood (both quantitatively and qualitatively), we initiate the second phase – asset allocation. The process of asset allocation usually takes from one to six months to be fully invested. Client meetings occur frequently during this period. Build-up time depends on current market conditions and expectations. A rebalancing process is conducted on an agreed basis as defined in the Investment Policy Statement.

During the entire investment and reinvestment phase, the client has absolute control over this process. On a discretionary management basis, we abide by the Investment Policy Statement and set asset allocation targets. On an advisory basis, no transactions can be executed until the client is fully comfortable with our advice, and places an order with one of our partner banks for execution.

Our advisors devote sufficient time to our clients, and are familiar with their detailed needs as well as with the actual condition of their portfolios.

In short

  • An average portfolio of EUR 1 million contains about 20–25 securities
  • The structure of the portfolio depends not only on the client’s assessment but also on the current state of the global financial markets
  • The structure is continually adapted to market conditions

Family office services

Our family office services include

  • Protecting family wealth – making sure that it is structured in compliance with relevant legislation and meeting regulatory standards
  • Reducing investment risk – diversifying family wealth and source of income
  • Preparing for transition – allowing the family to debate major asset allocation and offering help with a strategic decision
  • Eliminating nuisance – managing day-to-day activities so you can focus on what really matters
  • Reducing the cost – managing all activities from one office, ease of reporting, dedicated team of professionals – from investment management to tax management
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Concierge services

Complementing our family office services are travel, accommodation and insurance services for our clientele. From last-minute restaurant reservations and customised travel itineraries, to opera and theatre tickets, to international property searches, to accessing private schools and tutoring. CORPIA’s concierge services are ready to assist our clients anywhere in the world.

Cooperating banks

We proudly cooperate with banks located in Zürich, Singapore, Dubai and Prague. We use their custodian services. Our clients are able to select a platform that best suits their needs and preferences. We focus on keeping custodian fees as low as possible, while offering top-tier, full-scale services to our clients.

We have developed a strong network of worldwide partnerships. Thanks to our partner banks, we have gained access to capital markets, including worldwide security exchanges, private and public bond placements, trading platforms and exclusive private equity projects. This way, our clients have their assets managed by global financial institutions, while benefiting from the services of a local private banker.

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